On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 12:43 PM Fred van Zwieten <fvanzwie@redhat.com> wrote:

So Fedora 34 minimal aarch64 boots and runs pretty good on my rpi4 4GB (great work!).

I have a powered USB 3 hub attached to it, and on that an arduino mega with rflink [1]. When I attach this after booting, it is recognised correctly, but when connected while booting, it runs into a boot-loop:


Others within the domotica community also have this issue and it seems to be related to the use of u-boot [2]. This is also why rapsbian based distros like dietpi boot without issue as they do not use u-boot afaik.

I am not familiar with u-boot at all. Is there a way to exclude this device from the boot device discovery somehow (as I suspect this is where it goes wrong).  

Not that I'm aware of and ultimately it would be just a work around for a specific device, not an actual fix.

The real fix it to work out what is triggering the bug in USB on U-Boot and fix it, seemingly from the referenced github issue it's a general problem. Does the problem occur on other devices, or is it specific to USB on U-Boot on the RPi4?