Hi All,
I did some testing of f23 beta on my pcduino3 nano.  End result, awesome.

More detailed results:
For all testing, installation was done manually via the
xzcat <image> | dd of=<card>
<mount card>
<cd uboot image dir>,
dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/sdb bs=1024 seek=8
<unmount card>
<put sd card into machine and boot>

- Worked great, didn't do too much testing other than network, which worked.

- Worked great
- Graphical setup screen / firstboot worked with no problems.
- Graphical desktop worked fine.
- A bit on the sluggish side, but I believe that was due to the sd card I used.

- Booted, took a while and then I got a graphical screen with a sad face on it telling me something had gone wrong and I should contact my administrator.
- Left it at that screen for a while (had breakfast) and when I came back the "firstboot" screen was there and I was able to set things up.
- On first bootup, after the firstboot screen, I was able to log in on an alternate screen (Alt-F4) and things looked sorta ok.
- On reboot, things went a little crazy.  I never got a graphical login.  On alternate screens, it felt like my keyboard was haunted, and I was never able to successfully log in.
-- I did notice on reboot it was starting virtualization.  Quite possibly that was the reason for the crazyness.
- Overall, the Workstation build looks like it's for a "real" arm machine, not these small ones.  I'm sure with some tweeking I could get it working on the pcduino, but why.