I have seen many times a solution, where HP, and others are selling a type of dock that provides keyboard, mouse, and keyboard - so I can use as a full blown desktop pc.

I am thinking lately as I have a RSpi3 that would be worthy to try... As everybody has stronger and stronger phones, making Rspi3 as host server with eth0, 4 usb, and hdmi would be more than interesting... Yet I think using Fedora as desktop for me would be more pleasing, so technically I really would like to target a drop-in charging usb dock/host/server POD... that syncing all my files, on usb I can plug an external drive, charging my phone, and gives a desktop, possibly android or fedora...

My question would be the following:

- How much would be this usable?
- How much would be this reliable?
- Do I need an unlocked phone for this?


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