This is where package dependencies come in.  If the package depends on a hardware support for VFP, then the system needs to have a corresponding provide or it won't install.

(Of course people can use --nodeps..  but similarly they can use --ignorearch.)

In RPM 4.4.x ARCH implies certain hardware dependencies, but no explicit dependency exists.  This was the reason for my suggestion.


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> > The problem with that would be that RPM package file names for VFP
> > and non-VFP packages would be identical.
> Sure, but remember rpm package file names don't actually mean anything
> other then the name of the file.  :)
> Just a suggestion.

IMHO the same as you forbid installing PPC package on i386; you should
forbid installing an ARM VFP package on an ARM system without VFP.

If you don't mark that package architecturally to be different than the
soft-float version then mistakes are unavoidable.