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blockerbugs/util/ (Diff revision 2)
def update_milestone(self, milestone, tracker_type, lastupdate=None):
            except Exception:
Actually, I'm not even sure that should still be there. I added that for debugging purposes and I can't think of anything that would be helped by leaving it there (would leave around bad transactions which would need to be rolled back). Will remove - good catch

- Tim

On February 19th, 2013, 3:51 p.m. UTC, Tim Flink wrote:

Review request for blockerbugs.
By Tim Flink.

Updated Feb. 19, 2013, 3:51 p.m.

Bugs: 331
Repository: blockerbugs


Refactoring templates, bug sync and database to fit with new FreezeException nomenclature
adding alembic upgrade script for db changes
updated bug_sync code for python-bugzilla >= 0.8


I've done several syncs on both sqlite and postgres dbs and clicked around to make sure that all the templates that _were_ working are still working. Some of the admin pages still have issues but that is orthogonal to the changes here.

I did an alembic upgrade of the database with no issues.


  • testing/ (719b530187a5e3fff7aba72c6776eecaad32cc40)
  • testing/ (47df0e7cd34406aafb7c27f35944d6cff8cb96f3)
  • (e9fc12082a4d16afe93b04d7b96658715403eccc)
  • blockerbugs/util/ (a85200dae03630d9407d7b27e235eb13c4a5b4a1)
  • blockerbugs/templates/milestone_stats.html (8ff6bc4470967d7eaef633ef8b9b98330eac198b)
  • blockerbugs/templates/milestone_info.html (167dc0b1f5778c75f00e667240d03e8bf817e87a)
  • blockerbugs/templates/irc_format.txt (a931c077f88cc998e9464b520a5625d7d9cc7e73)
  • blockerbugs/templates/blocker_list.html (79a8a4b008319e80763f66de3ed6e56df89aa6d8)
  • blockerbugs/templates/admin/modify_release.html (548c3d90c95bfe2a90d5d399d020b7bfcbcffc90)
  • blockerbugs/templates/admin/main.html (121e79f4aa4330cc7b364f835ff2fd61178ac842)
  • blockerbugs/templates/admin/add_release.html (d396629f5f30787bbf136c163d24f272371cf06f)
  • blockerbugs/models/ (cad913446157a15079a519fe0c29831b1635dc1f)
  • blockerbugs/models/ (dc25f060c470c0ad168e88c981ffe82203ca0d93)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/ (e7525f8433d74802f7c0cb2d719f0abdc13431c4)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/ (669d78a5030904d4559d6d68af093bd6f096888b)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/ (a6c8674820d602577363959be7d4eecd608cdf12)
  • alembic/versions/ (PRE-CREATION)
  • alembic/versions/ (PRE-CREATION)

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