I've been running a local koji instance at my workplace. It worked
absolutely fine for a fortnight. But, since Monday, I am getting this
error : "ServerOffline: database outage" for any CLI command that I try
to execute.

I initially suspected that it might be because koji cannot connect to
the database. But, I checked that I can login to the database through
>> psql

Also, I wrote a small script in python which mimics koji's method of
connecting to the database (with reference
to /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/koji/db.py) and it works fine!

Just to make sure, I restarted postgresql service in vain.
Re-initialised the database (Remove /var/lib/pgsql and run "service
postgresql initdb" and all the other steps) to no avail.

I started seeing this problem after a run of the koji-shadow script. It
exited abnormally giving this very error. Since then, I cannot even
access koji-cli.. neither koji-web.

I have been tracing through the koji scripts and I see that the SSL
login succeeds and then the very first rpc call: "getAPIVersion" fails.
Wireshark shows that the koji-hub replies with "Connection: close" to
the getAPIVersion call.

Any idea as to what is going wrong?
Any pointers?