Hi Fabrice,

it depends on whether you also want to move the DB or not.

If its just the Hub itself, you can basically just install a new hub there with the hub.conf you already have, adjusting the DB info to remote host.
You will also need to setup httpd there again and make the config adjustments for Kojihub.

If you also want to move the DB, then your postgresql data dir needs to be copied or dumped with pg_dump.

Best, Phil

Am 08.03.2013 um 06:47 schrieb Fabrice Cantos <Fabrice.Cantos@niwa.co.nz>:




I have my own koji build system and I would like to move the koji-hub to an another system.


Do you have a doc link or a howto ?
Or could you tell me the procedure, what to backup/restore, how ?


Thanks in advance,
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