Hello Jesse,

I am thankful for that you have built pungi, but while using it I ran into the following questions. I hope you can answer them:
I am using pungi to be able to build a custom distribution based on FC6 for an embedded target. Currently I have achieved to build a minimal CD-image of about 400 MB by specifying a smaller comps.xml file. But the size is still too big as there is a lot of unneeded stuff in it...

1. The generated ISO image contains xorg RPM packages which I do not need. I want a text-only installation method (by using the serial console option of Anaconda), as we do not have a VGA display on our target. Is there an easy way to get rid of these xorg packages?

2. Currently only 1 ISO image is built with all packages in it. What I actually want is that 2 ISO's are being built: the 1st ISO containing the core installation (which almost never changes) with all boot and Anaconda stuff on it, and a 2nd ISO containing the frequently changing applications.(a predefined set of RPMs)
Is there a way to split up the list of RPM's in a predefined way (not related to disc size) and that Anaconda during installation asks for the 2nd disc?

3. Is there a easy way to get my own build kickstart file on the 1st ISO through the pungi framework, without the need of rebuilding the ISO files myself. (And to modify the isolinux configuration file to default load this kickstart file?)

I hope you can help me by answering these questions...

Kind Regards,

Remy Bohmer