Hi Zubin,

> Reading the ServerBootstrap document on the Fedora wiki has me
> confused. How do I set up koji to build a set of RPMs from CVS?

Well, it doesn't require anything special, if you have a working
instance of koji. You have to add an entry in the kojibuilder config
file under "allowedSCMs", to allow the CVS checkout. and you can run a
build as "koji build <Tag-name> <CVS-SCM>"

You can also check out the chain builds feature. I have a feeling it
might be of help to you :)

> Our build target is RHEL 4 but so far I have not found any installable
> RPMs to run kojibuilder on this platform. Does anyone know where I
> could get a suitable RPM?

Koji is a noarch pacakge. You can pick the fedora RPMs.

> To build our project we need to install a set of RPMs into the build
> environment that setup the libraries and header files used during the
> build process. How does koji handle this?

Koji will build a SRPM from the CVS checkout. Make sure you have the
right entries in BuildRequires and Requires in the spec file and koji
will do the rest. (Also, make sure that those RPMs are built and tagged
appropriately so that koji can make a repo which can be of use to you)