Now ,the directory is:
[root@localhost mock]# du -hs *
651M    gtes11.2-build-10-9
18M     gtes11.2-build-13-10
5.6M    gtes11.2-build-15-15
549M    gtes11.2-build-1-6
5.5M    gtes11.2-build-16-15
18M     gtes11.2-build-18-18
18M     gtes11.2-build-19-18
579M    gtes11.2-build-21-20
560M    gtes11.2-build-22-20
3.5G    gtes11.2-build-23-26
548M    gtes11.2-build-2-6
567M    gtes11.2-build-3-6
583M    gtes11.2-build-5-9
562M    gtes11.2-build-6-9
670M    gtes11.2-build-9-9
6.2M    gtes11.3-build-24-28
6.1M    gtes11.3-build-25-28
637M    gtes11.3-build-26-30
609M    gtes11.3-build-28-30
3.5G    gtes11.3-build-30-30
3.0G    gtes11.3-build-31-30
1.8G    gtes11.3-build-32-32
1.8G    gtes11.3-build-34-32
583M    gtes11.3-build-35-33
562M    gtes11.3-build-37-33
888M    gtes11.3-build-39-34
852M    gtes11.3-build-40-34
408M    moblin2-build-41-38
417M    moblin2-build-42-39
539M    moblin2-build-43-39

My builder is ok:
[root@localhost mock]# koji list-hosts
Hostname                     Enb Rdy Load/Cap Arches           Last Update
kojibuilder1                 N   N    0.0/2.0 i386,x86_64      2009-05-25 19:08:25
kojibuilder2                 Y   Y    0.0/2.0 ia64             2009-05-29 14:18:59
kojibuilder3                 Y   Y    0.0/2.0 x86_64,i386      2009-06-02 10:09:00

Why ? Because I use a special disk space,and I use Selinux, So I modified the /var/lib/mock to /dist/mock on kojihub and kojiweb and kojibuilder3 host. but the kojibuilder2's mock directory is /var/lib/mock ,a link to /dist/mock on it's host.

the kojihub and kojiweb and kojibuilder3's /mnt/koji directory is modified to /data/koji also . but the other kojibuilder*'s directory is /mnt/koji by nfs mount.

Why ? It isn't change or removed after 1 days.


2009/6/1 Mike Bonnet <>
 wrote:

My koji server has setup ok. but the mock dir is more and more large. How to
remove it ?
I mean if koji has this feature,I doesn't to do it myself. Is anyone can
help me ?

my mock directory info :
651M    gtes11.2-build-10-9
18M     gtes11.2-build-13-10
5.6M    gtes11.2-build-15-15
549M    gtes11.2-build-1-6
5.5M    gtes11.2-build-16-15
18M     gtes11.2-build-18-18
18M     gtes11.2-build-19-18
579M    gtes11.2-build-21-20
560M    gtes11.2-build-22-20
3.5G    gtes11.2-build-23-26
548M    gtes11.2-build-2-6
567M    gtes11.2-build-3-6
583M    gtes11.2-build-5-9
562M    gtes11.2-build-6-9
670M    gtes11.2-build-9-9
6.2M    gtes11.3-build-24-28
6.1M    gtes11.3-build-25-28
637M    gtes11.3-build-26-30
609M    gtes11.3-build-28-30
3.5G    gtes11.3-build-30-30
3.0G    gtes11.3-build-31-30
1.8G    gtes11.3-build-32-32
1.8G    gtes11.3-build-34-32
583M    gtes11.3-build-35-33
562M    gtes11.3-build-37-33
888M    gtes11.3-build-39-34
852M    gtes11.3-build-40-34
408M    moblin2-build-41-38
417M    moblin2-build-42-39

kojid manages the cleanup up the /var/lib/mock directory for builds it runs.  Buildroots for successful builds will be cleaned up almost immediately.  Buildroots for unsuccessful builds will be cleaned up after 4 hours, to give you a chance to debug the failure or copy relevant data out of the buildroot for later analysis.

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