for example,I have a target dist-test, it's detailed info as follow:

Name                     Buildroot                     Destination
dist-test                dist-test-build                dist-test

I use command "koji list-tagged dist-test",and found the package in the
list of dist-test,but when generating the repo associated with the build
tag 'dist-test-build',the package doesn't exist in the file
'pkglist'.This results in Missing Dependency Error or Init mock
buildroot Error.    

I reslove the problem this way that tag the missing
package with command "koji call tagBuildBypass dist-test-build <the
missing package n-v-r>" ,and then regen-repo,It's OK!   
So, I wonder why and how the content of file 'pkglist' is written?

Thanks, sincerely!