Hi all


Hope this is the correct mailing list to ask these questions.


I’ve being looking at using koji for our in house project. After perusing the docs I have managed to set up a koji server with the web, xml-rpc, kojira and command line client components working. So now I want to do the client side configuration. Our software project is distributed as RPMs (which is what made me look at koji in the first place) and we build three site specific versions from three different branches in CVS.


Reading the ServerBootstrap document on the Fedora wiki has me confused. How do I set up koji to build a set of RPMs from CVS? Our build target is RHEL 4 but so far I have not found any installable RPMs to run kojibuilder on this platform. Does anyone know where I could get a suitable RPM?


To build our project we need to install a set of RPMs into the build environment that setup the libraries and header files used during the build process. How does koji handle this?