It seems you have all needed packages.

Your ifstat reference is in /mnt/koji/repos/dist-foo-build/latest/groups/comps.xml in build group. It will be in pgklist after the build.
May be you need to add extra packages to build your SRPM..
Koji creates for you a Yum repodata composed with all RPM attached to the koji tag and a Mock environment to build your SRPM.
The mock environment is a chroot created from the koji repodata.
Also to build your SRPM the chroot must be initialized with some build tools (gcc, make,...).

Look logs in /var/lib/mock/dist-foo..../result/

I don't build my SRPM using import + add-group-pkg. I have used this guide :

I am using koji to build CentOS5.5 RPM. I have added CentOS 5.5 mirror (can be a file:// on your own distrib) as external repo. I have added buildsys-build RPM in this repo and in dist-foo-build build tag (koji add-group-pkg dist-foo-build build buildsys-build).
Now to build my own SRPM I use :
koji build dist-foo  /path/on/xxx.src.rpm

To build the SRPM koji creates the chroot and install the "build" group (buildsys-build with dependencies) and the SRPM with the build dependencies (BuildRequires from the spec file).

You can find buildsys-build here:


2010/11/3 Allen Hewes <>
> On 5.5 you need to install  python-hashlib and python-createrepo RPM
> packages. These required packages are installed if you are using koji
> RPM.
> The createrepo task creates the repository with the python library and
> not with createrepo command and createrepo RPM on
> REHL5.5 don't contain this library.


I forgot to add that I did see your post... ;-)

And here's the installed RPMs on my box...

$ sudo rpm -qa | grep 'createrepo\|hashlib\|koji'

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