This looks great, lots of hard work I'm sure but it paid off.


Matt M

On Thu, Sep 29, 2016, 11:18 AM Adam Miller <> wrote:
Hello all,
    On behalf of the Fedora Cloud Working Group, I am happy to
announce that we now have a persistent point of download for users who
would like to simply reference a single URL for scripting purposes or
otherwise. There is also a companion set of URLs that provide the
image name that can be downloaded for informational purposes or
scripting. This will allow users to download the image and know the
resulting image name without any human interaction needed. The
rationale behind this was to make sure that users always be aware of
the version (compose id) of the image they downloaded in order to not
have issues/bugs filed against an image named "latest" that is
changing out from under users every two weeks.

The new URLs are below:

I have also updated the Cloud Wiki[0] page to include information
about these as well as a sample script of how to use them together.

Thank you,

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