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On 1 February 2014 11:28, Matthew Miller <> wrote:
On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 10:11:41AM +0000, Vaidas Jablonskis wrote:
> Since everybody voted up for cloud-init for initial GCE instance setup, I
> wrote cloud-init data source for GCE metadata. The only thing it does not

That is awesome! Thanks for doing this.

> Should I assume that people will create a GCE metadata attribute called
> 'user-data' if they want to get cloud-init to setup their instance
> initially?

I think this is probably a good discussion for cloud-init upstream. I think
the important thing will be consistent.

> Which brings me to another question - should we have a specific kickstart
> snippet for GCE and potentially for other clouds which just changes default
> cloud-init config (enables/disables cloud-init data sources) based on what
> kind of cloud image that is?

So far, we've tried to keep the images identical no matter the target cloud.
That has some value if we can keep it up, we can also look at targetting
specific environments separately too if it gains us something greater than
that value.

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