oVirt looks similar to OpenStack.  I tried the later before.  It is also quite complex to setup


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>I know that some pages are obsoletes I did not use a copy paste page, i found a lot of error but works fine on
> bare metal, ovirt is not for replacement of VirtualBox, IT is for datacenter solutions !!!!

No.  I'm fully aware.

I just asked whether oVirt can run OS which runs on VM (guest) of VirtualBox?  To my understanding oVirt needs bare metal to run?

Ovirt is a big project with a lot of part (se architecture)
Please see the documentation to have an idea to know what you can do with ovirt http://wiki.ovirt.org/wiki/Architecture

Ovirt is a big scale solution !!! with a front end more professional
video --> http://video.linux.com/videos/virtualization-management-the-ovirt-way