On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 4:25 PM, John Poelstra <poelstra@redhat.com> wrote:
I saw in the meeting log that this will go to 75% complete at the beta.
 I'd love to see this feature in Fedora 14 as much as everyone else.
Unfortunately that isn't how the process works.  It needs to be
significantly done for Alpha--now.  At beta all features need to be 100%
complete.  Naturally FESCo can grant an exception.

If that is the route you plan it go please file a ticket with FESCo now
so they can track the details.

if I might interject my personal experience on the subject and how it impacts both Fedora and Redhat, the place I work is very pro-Ubuntu, but I have some fairly serious and growing philosophical issues with Ubuntu, so I started quietly moving them off and over to Fedora for our local services.  Sshhh, don't tell anyone.  But that said, I can't really recommend fedora-backed instances to them until Fedora gets somewhat caught-up with Ubuntu; via Alestic, Ubuntu has had a strong cloud presence for a bit now, and has already has official Canonical images.  It is hard to sell Fedora over Ubuntu when I can't use a community-sponsored AMI.  Even the fedora13 ami I made for some uses here had to use the Ubuntu-provided AKI.

So if there's anything that should warrant an exception, this is such a thing ;)  I have my old Infomagic cd from eons ago that was the first place (that I know of) to provide the redhat "mother's day" release on a CD, and I've done quite a lot of things with Redhat and Fedora over the years (I was a very early Spacewalk user, for instance - put 0.2 to production use).  I don't know the RedHat corporate culture, though - so I may be bringing up something everyone already knows and that nothing can be done about.  But if there is a time, and there is a project, it's now and this one...imho.

Brian LaMere