I would to suggest one great introduction to Cloud Computing: CloudU at

For begginers, the CloudU certification (10 lessons) and Evolution of a Solution (MOOC) are good points to start.

I hope that helps.


Fernando Pimenta

2014-10-30 9:55 GMT-02:00 Fedora Cloud Trac Tickets <>:
#81: Create cloud training materials for ambassadors
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     Type:  task                           |     Status:  new
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Component:  Collaboration & Communication  |   Keywords:
 Many Fedora Ambassadors come from a desktop or old-school sysadmin
 background. Cloudy concepts are new and foreign. In talking with some of
 them, it was suggested that it'd be really, really helpful to have some
 basic training materials for our own ambassadors -- what is cloud, why
 does it matter, what is Fedora Cloud, what is our strategy, why do _we_
 matter, and so on. might be a starting point. Maybe
 some more interactive training would even be useful.

 Of course, it'd also be awesome to get some people from the new modern
 world interested in being ambassadors as well -- another direction to
 approach the same issue. (But even then, training on what _we_ are doing
 would be useful.)

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