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I’ve just made a new install with the latest version of the « RedHat getting started guide with Openstack Folsom » Revision 1.0-2.

I’m using CentOS 6.3 for this install.


After installing Openstack-keystone, I’m unable to perform “keystone user-list” and “keystone token-get”. I have sourced the keystonerc_username file but the system says “Expecting an endpoint provided via either --endpoint or env[SERVICE_ENDPOINT]”. When I’m explicitly given the endpoint in the command line, the output is “Configuration error: Client configured to run without a service catalog. Run the client using --os-auth-url or OS_AUTH_URL, instead of --os-endpoint or OS_SERVICE_ENDPOINT, for example.”

But the OS_AUTH_URL is configured in my keystonerc_username file so I don’t understand why the system asks for it.


I can then all the installation steps without problems, but after I given my credentials in the dashboard login page (admin/secret or username/secret), I got “Internal Server Error”.


Is that linked with the first problem from Keystone?

Sorry for the late reply.  Keys, this is a Keystone problem.  I assume you worked it out since then?


I’m searching for more information in logs but currently I found no answer to my questions.


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