I am an instructor in a community college in Australia. We are making increasing use of Fedora Cloud images in our practical labs on AWS.

Fedora just works and has been a great option for us, but we're wondering if there is more information anywhere about what goes into (and comes out of) a Fedora Cloud image, in comparison with regular Fedora.

We have noticed several things, eg:
- cronjobs (cronie) not installed
- firewall not installed (not really necessary in AWS environment)
- cloud-init installed

So we're interested in more information about the Fedora Cloud AMI in general, if you could point us to anything relevant. I'm interested in making it clear to students the choices, options and requirements involved in putting together an AMI.

Some of the documentation around Fedora Cloud seems a little out of date, maybe we could look at updating some docs as a class project somewhere down the line.