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Thanks for your link it’s very helpful for me.


You are welcome.  Lets keep the conversation public, as I am sure other people will come up with the same questions

But I had a few questions:

The port number that I have to change, it’s in chapter 2.2, command “keystone endpoint-create…” for the internal url. Right?

That is correct.  I just discovered the error myself this past week.

Where can I get an image of RHEL 6.2 with qcow2 extension?

No idea.  That was pre-provisioned onto the machines for the lab.  I'm constantly looking for up-to-date images. I know that there are CirrOS images on Dan berenger's page.  Find the link from here:

I’m installing my CentOS server without GUI. Which url do I have to use (not localhost) to reach the dashboard?

http://hostname/dashboard  or possbily will work.

“keystone token-get” command failed. I have following output:  'Client' object has no attribute 'service_catalog'

This is, I think, an error that happens for a couple reasons.  It is kind of poor failure mode, as something else has failed upstream, then been ignored until this point.  It is possible that your endpoint/service definitions are messed up for your keystone server.  I saw this on devstack installes due to permissions problems, but likely not the case here.  There is also a possibility that you have an out-of-date Keystone client in your tree, perhaps due to previous devstack or pip type installs. 

When I got some Warnings because some functions are deprecated, how can I fix it?

Deprecation warnings are fine for now.  It means that things are going to go away in the future.  I can't tell you more precisely without seeing more what the errors are.




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On 08/08/2012 10:03 AM, Vogel Nicolas wrote:

        > Hello everybody,




        > I’m trying to install openstack-essex on a CentOS 6.3



Try following these directions instead:

Note that there is at least one known error:  on the keystone service initialization,  change the internal URL to 5000, not 35357


        > I’m using the official document from the openstack website

        (last version from 17. Of Juli 2012) but I’m experiencing lots

        of problems by installating glance and nova.




        > I’m looking for someone who could help me to achieve a

        complete installation. If someone could send me his/her

        ntp.conf, nova.conf and keystone.conf files I could compare them

        with mine.


        > And if someone has his own install-doc it will be very

        helpful for me.


        > I already tried to make the installation with following doc

        “getting started with Openstack EPEL – Fedoraproject”.




        > Thanks,




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Someone else here might be able to help you with your immediate issues, but I recommend taking a look at http://devstack.org. It's a (very long) bash script that will install a complete OpenStack system on an F16 installation.

Nah,  he's looking for something different.

- -Sam
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