Hey guys,

following AMIs can't be instantiated --- AWS error message says that these either have been deleted or I've got no access (but US East 1 amis works for me):

Singapore            ami-92cd99c0 ami-bccd99ee
Sydney                ami-eb4cd3d1 ami-374bd40d
Tokyo                   ami-8fd0b38e ami-7dd7b47c
Ireland                  ami-c00fe6b7 ami-3401e843
Sao Paulo             ami-056ecf18 ami-6f6ecf72
Northern California ami-54e3d311  ami-68e3d32d
Oregon                 ami-ea7612da ami-56771366

Seems they're not "public enough"... 
Btw I'm pressing the "Launch It!" button on the fedora cloud page