Hi People,

I am pretty new to contributing to Fedora, especially the cloud group.

I have mentioned a few times on IRC (nickname: zooz) that I have started working on GCE cloud image.

So I thought I will give you an update on my progress so other people can jump in or help me to figure out the process.

So far so good, GCE image does not seem to look much different that already existing OpenStack/EC2 images.

- kickstart files for appliance-creator: https://github.com/vaijab/fedora-gce-image

- gcimagebundle spec/srpm/copr: https://github.com/vaijab/gcimagebundle-rpm

- google-compute-daemon spec/srpm/copr: https://github.com/vaijab/google-compute-daemon-rpm

I understand that you guys might not want to use google provided daemons for managing ssh keys, users and forwarded IP addresses, but I thought I will package it up just in case.

Current blockers: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1055181 but they accepted my patch and it's been submitted to updates-testing, so it should be fine soon.

So with what I currently have, I am able to build an image without any issues which runs on GCE perfectly.

If anyone could have a quick poke at my RPM spec files and let me know if there are any major issues with them before I submit them for a review for the first time :-) Also if anyone wants to sponsor my fedora packager membership I'd really appreciate that.

So what are the next steps? How do we actually start a process of getting appliance KS files upstream?

Any pointers and feedback is welcome. If anyone wants to jump in and help - please do so!


Vaidas Jablonskis