with the new (as of 2 weeks ago) pv-grub aki now avail, there really isn't much need for any vendor to get their own aki published.  Creating an AMI has always been fairly easy, but only select people were allowed to create AKIs.

I have a fedora13 ebs-boot AMI I made and use; I could potentially make that AMI public, but you don't know me.  I don't tend to use things from people I don't know, unless I've seen that a community review process has taken place, so I'd recommend either waiting for the ephemeral-backed AMI that others here are working on, or you can just make your own.  

For an easy-to-follow setup (I scripted it while doing it, since it made it easier to fix things, delete, and try again), check out:


Note that it isn't supposed to be elegant/pretty/impressive, it's just supposed to be functional and create an EBS that, if you snapshot it, will boot and can be updated like "normal."


On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 3:00 PM, Adam Back <adam@cypherspace.org> wrote:
I looked at the meeting minutes posted recently and list archive, but it
still unclear to me:

could someone give an indication of the scale of work to have a fedora 13
available as an EC2 AMI/AKI?  Is there a dependency on the AWS team to get a
suitable AKI built to enable this?  Any AWS team members able to comment on
the eta for a suitable AKI?

I would like to use latest stable fedora under EC2 but the situation with
FC8 being the latest makes that difficult.  Its long outside of its security
lifecycle and quite old which creates its own problems other than the
security issue!

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