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OK Remy 
Afew questions

1) on your .next page it has quarterly reports are those reported by the regions or by Redhat or both
From a Red Hat standpoint, the budget allocation to Fedora happens in the March/April timeframe, so that'll be reported in that timeframe by the Fedora Community Lead and the Council on budget.fp.o.

The quarterly reports will be compiled by regional treasurers, signed-off on by the FCL, and then posted publicly to budget.fp.o.
2) it lists Quarterly Budgets, so if we are under budget on one  quarter do we keep that money or (use it or lose it) is it lost?
No. The only "use it or lose it" window, as far as I know is on a Fiscal year basis (March to February), not a quarterly basis.

Good questions, thanks for asking them. Perhaps this information can be added to the budget.fp.o wiki page too for future reference.

Looking Forward,

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As some of you may be aware, there have been some changes to how Budget is
proposed and allocated for the coming fiscal year. This conversation has
been happening on the Council-discuss list, and through meetings with
members of the OSAS team:

With input from the council, OSAS, and other Ambassador Leads, I've taken
the results of these budget meetings up until this point, and the
discussions around FOSCo/FAMSCo, and created a wiki page to help explain
our best understanding of how things should work going forward. The policy
seen here is a blend of the results from public discussions and meetings
over the past year on mailing lists, in IRC, and at FLOCK:


*tl;dr* - We're proposing 3 delegated roles in each ambassadorial region
for treasurer, logistics, and storytelling. We're keeping our reimbursement
and other policies as close to the same as possible. There is a now
quarterly budget timeline with scheduled FADs and planning. There will be a
webpage available in the near-ish future at http://budget.fedoraproject.org
where folks can find the budget and policies related to it.

This is not a permanent, set-in-stone policy, but we need to start
somewhere, beginning with the new budget year (FY17) and the next Fedora
Release (F24.) We can always come back and tinker and change what is on
that wiki page, but for now, this is what we'd like to propose to close the
loop on budget.

Please read the wiki page, as the daemon is always in the details, and we
can use as much informed input and feedback as we can get. I'm hoping to
spend about a week gathering feedback, and then move forward implementing
these new budget processes together with all of you 

Thank you Ambassador Leads and fellow council members for your early input
and efforts on this. Your feedback helped to round off some of the rough
corners, and provided a consistent reminder to adhere to the Fedora-way of
defaulting to open.

This formalized regional approach to budget is the first step in working
out a larger community-wide strategy around integrating subprojects and
other Fedora constituencies with eachother--but that will be a whole nother
conversation after this one.

Looking Forward,
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