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During FLOCK I took it upon myself to interview a bunch of attendees and speakers as a bit of an experiment for myself, with the hope it might turn out to be something worth contributing back to the Fedora Community. I think they're working out reasonably well. Not perfect, but worth posting, nonetheless. I'd like to post the results (one per week, approximately) to the community.fedoraproject.org blog. I expect I'll post something between 10 and 15 of them over the coming weeks. 

The first 'blog post / article' of the series is posted below for review. They'll all follow a pretty similar format. 

Please let me know what you think and if I can get perms to start posting.


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Redon Skikuli

Free open source culture & copyleft reformer in the Balkans. Albanian Open Labs hackerspace Founder, OSCAL & @DOIT_CONF co-founder.

If you were wondering where FLOCK 2018 might be, well our guest today Redon Skikuli just might have your answer! Redon’s not just a Fedora community contributor, he’s a Fedora community creator! Redon, what are you up to again these days? Why should everyone else also consider joining future FLOCKs? And while we’re here, how can people follow what you’re up to?

Show Notes:

email: redon@skikuli.com

www: redon.skikuli.com 

twitter: @rskikuli

Open Labs: https://openlabs.cc/

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