Hi Huiren,

This sounds interesting! I appreciate your feedback, but I'm not sure that we can infer that Microsoft is "collaborating" or endorses Fedora since it is not true. That could get into a more lofty area that we might not want to get involved with. 

In regards to Chakra being open source, I think, inherently, the article is making a joke, not proposing a real product or project. Hence, I think talking about the open source components of Edge and "collaboration" would be a bit of a grey area and a bit too convincing, perhaps? 

Although Edge exists, I think IE is still available for download for those who are looking for it. I think using IE rather than Edge might be a good way to provide comedy value without getting into too many problems. Instead of talking about details and aspects that might imply endorsement when there is none, we could try parodying some well-known "issues" or aspects of Fedora, for instance, its speed, its crashes, or its lack of compatibility. We could also put in some edited screenshots for fun, if we can get some before the end of the day tomorrow :)

What do you think?


On Wed, 30 Mar 2016 at 21:13 Huiren Woo <giantcrabby@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey all,

I think this, although very last minute, is a fantastic idea! I've got some ideas I would like to contribute (I would be happy to help edit the article to include these technical details) as well.

So here are some of it:

-Met Microsoft Chakra team at BrickHack.
-Interested in collaborating with us

-Why Edge

--Chakra core is OSS
--Chakra core has fantastic ES2015 support
--Chakra core is highly comparable against Chrome V8 engine
--Fedora infrastructure runs NodeJS w Chakra Core


--Working with OSS Microsoft team
--Developing fully FOSS version of Edge (will be uploaded on Github later)

-Maybe some edited screenshots of Edge on Fedora?

Minor corrections:

- IE no longer exists, it is now Microsoft Edge.

What do y'all think of this? Thanks! :)

Best Regards,
Woo Huiren
Fedora Ambassador & Marketing

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