On Mar 28, 2016 12:58 PM, "Joe Brockmeier" <jzb@redhat.com> wrote:
> On 03/28/2016 12:05 PM, Remy DeCausemaker wrote:
> > I'd suspect commops would be more than happy to have that jetpack
> > plugin auto-posting to the main @fedora account, but it'd be good to
> > get some consensus on whether folks think this is a good idea. It also
> > doesn't solve the "no human titles" issue that churchyard originally
> > raised. Perhaps if it is intermingled with the human content already
> > being posted, it would be 'more interesting' than just having it be a
> > rss->twitter pipe account?
> >
> > Since it has been proposed, I'm going to cc some members of the Fedora
> > magazine editorial team, to see if they agree, and find out the
> > procedure for pointing jetpack to the main @fedora twitter account.
> OK, but @marketing is really the group to decide this. Magazine doesn't
> own @fedora.
> Agreed on human titles, though if it's a toss-up between "doesn't get
> posted at all" and "has the same title as the Commblog headline" I'd
> vote commblog.
> I think the best thing to do here is raise this on marketing@, ask for
> +1/-1 or further discussion, and take a decision. If nobody cares one
> way or another, then the proposal goes through w/lazy consensus.
> Remy - do you want to do a proposal for this?

Can do within 24hrs.

decauseplate.add('autopost mktg proposal')

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