On 11/13/2015 03:53 PM, Justin W. Flory wrote:
Hi all,

One last email for tonight. :)

As we discussed in our last meeting, the Fedora Magazine Tips mailing list now appears to be public.


You can request to join the list, although there is manual approval. I anticipate this to be a high-traffic list as it is my understanding that it may be hooked up to the "Leave feedback / ideas" box on the Fedora Magazine that any Magazine visitor can use. (Might be a good idea to subscribe as a digest.)

This list should help provide an interesting insight to the ideas and thoughts of the broader Fedora community outside of just contributors, and it should provide insight from a more "user" perspective. Definitely lots of interesting info to be had.

I'm currently not sure what the official policy is on this mailing list, but I thought I would share as we were discussing this on Tuesday.


commops mailing list
i started this list for this purpose, but emails from the fedora magazine never worked, so it has just been dormant.

I have opened a ticket eariler this morning to try to get emails from magazine working, so hopefully this is fixed soon.

Also, we decided to have the archives of this list private, as if people submit a form for a private comment, we don't want that appearing publically searchable on the internet.