Hey all,

I think this, although very last minute, is a fantastic idea! I've got some ideas I would like to contribute (I would be happy to help edit the article to include these technical details) as well.

So here are some of it:

-Met Microsoft Chakra team at BrickHack.
-Interested in collaborating with us

-Why Edge

--Chakra core is OSS
--Chakra core has fantastic ES2015 support
--Chakra core is highly comparable against Chrome V8 engine
--Fedora infrastructure runs NodeJS w Chakra Core


--Working with OSS Microsoft team
--Developing fully FOSS version of Edge (will be uploaded on Github later)

-Maybe some edited screenshots of Edge on Fedora?

Minor corrections:

- IE no longer exists, it is now Microsoft Edge.

What do y'all think of this? Thanks! :)

Best Regards,
Woo Huiren
Fedora Ambassador & Marketing