Hi Commops,

A badges workshop was conducted during FOSDEM 2016 and a lot of people logged into Fedora Badges for the first time during FOSDEM.
decause suggested then that we should prolly compile some metrics to see the activity of these people thereafter. Do these users contribute continously? or Are they just active during FOSDEM?

38 users logged into Fedora Badges first time.
Out of these 24 hadnt contributed in past year(new users)
People showed an increase in participation post FOSDEM even previously active users :)

The link contains the Pre, Post and FOSDEM activity details of these users : 
 http://fpaste.org/325121/55827928/ .

Link to datagrepper containing list of users who logged into fedbadges for first time in FOSDEM :
datagrepper query here

The details and the graph is also in the attached spread sheet. The graph doesnt contain one user - apevec as he had very high activity as compared to other users and hence adding the user made the overall activity difference less discernable.