Thanks Justin!
Article is looking better now!
Thanks for the modifications :)

On Sep 14, 2016 1:21 PM, "Justin W. Flory" <> wrote:
On 09/12/2016 11:21 PM, Vipul Siddharth wrote:
Hey Justin! Did u forget this one

On Sep 4, 2016 5:50 PM, "Tummala Dhanvi" <
<>> wrote:

    On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 7:23 PM, Vipul Siddharth
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    > Hola All,
    > I am sharing my experience of the event which I conducted off
    late, where
    > Sumantro and Kanika gave talks about FOSS and Fedora & Woman in
    FOSS. This
    > was the first event in my college after the newly revamped tech club
    > (Labyrinth) .  I would request for the review of the report [1]
    > [1]
    Justin did you miss this one out ?

Hey all, just seeing the follow-up emails here, this thread got buried back up in my inbox. :( As mentioned in the previous email, the article will be going out in a few minutes, so watch for it on the CommBlog in a bit! I really appreciate your patience!

Justin W. Flory

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