Hi commops!

My name is Harris Kenny (kenhara). I am new to contributing to Fedora but have been running Fedora for several years on my personal machines.

I first learned about Fedora at Open Hardware Summit 2015, where I met Tom Callaway (spot). I enjoy the active community and stability of Fedora and have relied on its documentation as a new GNU/Linux user. I would love to help expand the documentation to help future new users.

I want contribute to the Fedora Wiki because I have experience writing documentation. I specifically want to start by helping with documentation for 0 A.D. (0ad), which I recently discovered and love.

Though this is a personal application to join commops, my professional work is relevant too. I work for Aleph Objects, Inc., manufacturer of LulzBot 3D printers. LulzBot printers are Free/Libre/Open Source, both the first product certified by the FSF and the first printer certified by OSHWA.

I started in Marketing at the company, helping establish documentation, tutorials, email newsletters, social media, digital advertising, trade shows, public relations, etc. with all Free/Libre tools. Cura LulzBot Edition software is also packaged for Fedora (see: cura-lulzbot).

In another personal capacity, I serve as Treasurer on the Board of Directors at OSHWA. I have also contributed writing to opensource.com, among other places.

Besides contributions to Wikipedia, this is the first time I'm looking to personally contribute to an open source project (outside of work). I'd love any articles or tips on how to get started and avoid obvious new contributor mistakes :) (Bootstrapped seems like a good start)

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Harris Kenny