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Quick Summary
1) Outline for guidelines to write an article drafted, comments needed

I like the "interconnectedness" line in there. Perhaps we can include the CommOps tagline "Heat and Light" in there nearby, with a link to the CommOps wiki page?
2) Minimum requirements: Categories, tags, one image?
+1, +1, +1

You can also mention that first-time or early contributors will have help from the CommOps team in identifying and selecting categories and tags.

We don't have it hooked up (yet) but eventually we're going to have JetPack fully integrated so that we're posting to the various Fedora Social Media channels auto-magically too! That is a BIG benefit that can be mentioned somewhere.

3) Minimum publish requirements: Three +1's?

+1. I like it, but I'm also the co-proposer of this policy, so I'd be interested to hear other folks' thoughts.
4) Deadline: Monday (?)


Hey all,

I drafted up the proposed "outline" of how a Fedora contributor can get started with writing their own article for the Community Blog. Once we get general approval on the process, I think this belongs on the header bar to help gain a larger amount of views for people wanting to contribute. It's definitely info that should be out in the open!

Some of the things that do need to be discussed:

    1) Basic requirements: Did we agree on these?

I thought I recalled us agreeing on a few basic requirements for articles either in IRC or previous mailings, but I wanted to be clear. I defined the basic requirements needed to publish as: (1) properly categorized, (2) properly tagged, and (3) must have one image. I feel like these are fairly basic requirements, but I wanted to confirm this before slating it out as "fully official".

    2) Minimum requirement to publish

This was something Remy and I (briefly) discussed on IRC and wanted to poll the list about. Before a contributor should be able to publish their article, we thought that a minimum requirement of three "+1's" would be a good bar to set (similar to the Bodhi karma voting process). Depending on the activity level of the list, I think this is a good amount and if an article is ever "urgency of the moment", a regular contributor should have the authority to okay publishing without waiting for a 100% vote.

Curious to know what the rest of your thoughts are on this! I definitely think we should try to get this page live by Sunday or Monday, so next week's visitors will have a definitive way to help get involved. ;)

Justin W. Flory

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