Hello Team,

I'm a final year undergraduate, pursuing Computer Science Engineering from a private college in Jaipur, India. I have been training in Linux System Administration for over a year. Apart from that, I have been working with OpenStack, AWS and DevOps technologies like Docker and Ansible.

I have always been a FOSS/OSS enthusiast because I believe in the scenic genius of Sapiens. It’s crucial for us to collaborate, in order to grow, and Open Source does just that. It provides us with a liberal way to share and to know. Despite our possible differences in political ideologies, beliefs, race and administrative boundaries. We are all bound by our love of technology.

I have used several Linux distributions, but it’s in Fedora that I found my haven. I love contributing to Open Source, in whichever way I can. I would like to take my skills to reach out to as many people as I can, and share Fedora with them. And, in sharing, I know that I’ll come across essentials that I may have overlooked in the past.

I believe I am an empathetic and creative person. I love knowing people and their stories, and I believe that everyone is inspirational and has limitless potential. I would like to put my skills to use by being a part of CommOps.

I’m not yet involved with other things in Fedora. But I’d like to be a part of the Fedora Ambassadors Project. There are several people working on Linux in and around my city, in one way or the other, but often in isolation. And, I would like to encourage collaboration and introduce them to our global community.

I represent Docker’s Jaipur Chapter as the Community Leader, and PyJaipur (Official Local Python User’s Group) as the Content Management Lead.

I see CommOps as crucial for people involved in Fedora to keep track of the several projects, making the contribution and collaboration process feasible. I also appreciate how CommOps connects people with stories beyond work, through acknowledgement programs and interviews.

I look forward  to understanding Community Health Monitoring in detail.

As far as the questions go, a lot IRC lurking may be required. However, it would be great if somebody could help me get started with my first task.


Yajushi Srivastava