new copr-frontend 1.109, copr-dist-git 0.27, and copr-backend 1.99-1.git.1.1958572.fc25 have been deployed into production.

- copr-dist-git 0.27 fixes Bug 1447102 - fedpkg build fail during import phase

- copr-frontend 1.109 changes the way in which COPR creates a module when the build is launched through UI. Previously, the already built (and selected) packages have been used for creation of a module snapshot to which the appropriate module meta-data were added. Now the module is built from a scratch again.

    The new copr-frontend version also addresses the following problems:

    - non-working pagure webhooks by adding more debugging info into the code and network-error fail-proofing it
    - Bug 1448333 - Unable to edit someone's else project settings
    - previously .git suffix in Git repo URL was needed for webhook rebuilds of Tito and MockSCM packages, which was not very intuitive or user-friendly. Now it works without the '.git' suffix as well.

- copr-backend 1.99-1.git.1.1958572.fc25 is a hotfix for appstream-builder core dumps that we have been experiencing since the beginning of this year. See Bug 1426166 - appstream-builder core dumps for more information.

Best Regards
COPR team