Hello, we have just deployed copr-frontend 1.117 and copr-dist-git 0.34. The deploy is quite special because the packages' origin is Fedora Infrastructure repositories for the first time and not @copr/copr repo as it used to be. That is because we have switched to deploying COPR only from official Fedora repositories (and from the dedicated Infrastructure repositories for hotfixing) to be able to get Fedora Infrastructure support.

Apart from that, those two packages fix several bugs:

- Bug 1473671 - Could not parse /tmp/tmpGj3KZs/rust-bytecount.spec with error can't parse specfile
- Bug 1473361 - New SCM 2 build does not recall the 'Subdirectory' setting
- DistGitProvider has been reimplemented
Bug 1460399 - Build breadcrumb incorrect for group project (yet to be closed)
- sqlalchemy deprecation warnings fixed
- monitor page fixed from jinja 2.9
- #106 Renaming a spec file in a newer version causes the build to fail

And also SELinux was set to Enforcing on copr-dist-git machine...

We have also updated docs with respect to the SCM source type https://docs.pagure.org/copr.copr/user_documentation.html#scm. There is one bit missing and that is that copr-cli buildmock currently stands for SCM-2 and copr-cli buildtito currently stands for SCM-1.

COPR team