we have just deployed copr-frontend-1.115 and copr-dist-git-0.32. There should be little to none user-visible changes except bugs. What changed, however, is that:

- we don't build srpms on copr-dist-git anymore, we only fetch sources, spec, and patches an import them directly into dist-git

- that means we don't use Docker anymore on copr-dist-git

- TitoProvider and MockScm provider were unified into just one ScmProvider internally

- that e.g. means you should be able to use SVN repos when building with "UI Tito method"  (when tested properly)

The next step is going to be pretty big as well even though code change should be minimal this time. We are going to allow use-case described in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1471066. Meaning, you can have a Git (or SVN) repo with just a spec and patches. All the sources will be then downloaded additionally during build.

Enjoy and we are sorry if we managed to break something - we will resolve it as best and fast as we can
COPR team