New COPR stack has just been released. It contains the following updates:

copr-frontend 1.124-1
- fixed build_on_pagure_commit.py
- optimized check_for_anitya_version_updates
- allow to set use_bootstrap_container via API

copr-backend 1.107-1
- kill all processes in copr-rpmbuild's process group
- add --drop-resultdir switch to copr-rpmbuild call
- release_vm immediately after VM is no longer needed
- remove --ignore-lock from createrepo_c

copr-rpmbuild 0.12-1
- fortify make_srpm
- compatibility with rpkg-client-0.11 and 0.12

These updates aim to fix the problems we have been facing recently. That is, builder leaking on createrepo_c call, frontend timeouts due to slow check_for_anitya_version_updates, non-working pagure-rebuilding, and it also makes make_srpm method much, much safer by dropping user privileges in the systemd-nspawn container and by employing --private-users=pick switch which offsets container's user UIDs.

COPR team