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Hi all,

Since a couple of days, builders are anormaly slow. I can take hours for a single build.

Any reasons for that ?

We sincerely apologize for this. The current OpenStack platform on which
COPR builders are running is outdated and problematic and currently, there
seems to be not yet solved problem in the platform that causes very slow
builder starts and inability to correctly delete instances.

We will try to alleviate the issue as much as we can by preparing a builder
image with the latest packages to minimize spawning time.

Hopefully this will help.

Sorry again, we are aware of it and working on this
COPR team

P.S.: we are waiting for a new platform to arrive so when COPR
will be migrated there, the situation should be permanently very
much improved.

I hope somebody will be able to resolve this very soon.

Hello, the issue has been fixed by nirik and the rest of infrastructure team.
(thank you a lot). COPR should be now again fully operable. I couldn't
previously spawn a machine to provision a new builder image so I will
do it additionally today.

Sorry for the problems!
COPR team


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