Hello packagers & devs,

we have just deployed a new release of COPR eco-system. The changes made are mainly internal but should help to solve some issues we have been tackling recently. The most important upgrades are:

1) copr-dist-git service is now parallel ("multi-process"). That means that if there is a problem with a job import, the other jobs won't be blocked. Also we added import-job timing out so if import gets stuck, it doesn't get stuck forever.

2) Waiting-queue logic has been rewritten. I believe there will be not much of a perceived performance improvement but we managed to cut the relevant code length almost by half and simplify some bits.

3) We have fixed appstream meta-data building - a bug that also influenced forking. When a project was forked the rpm re-signing process kept looping. Other actions were blocked by this. Hence, in addition to fix the root cause (the meta-data building), we also needed to fix the forking logic to handle the errors better.

4) We have introduced a first bits of support for modularity

So that's it. I hope COPR will serve you well.
COPR team