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CC'ing coreos-devel so that other folks can chime in case I missed something

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I am working with the coreos-assembler and I had a question regarding the same.

Thanks for reaching out to me, nice to see that you are trying out coreos-assembler :)

My host OS is x86 and I have a ubuntu server (arm64) installed on QEMU. I built the cosa container image locally on qemu using the dockerfile and now I am trying to generate the VM images (arm64) following the steps mentioned in the readme (cosa init, cosa fetch and cosa build). But the cosa project however has a pre-req that it needs access to virtualization /dev/kvm. 

I haven't personally tried running cosa in a cross architecture VM, so not sure about how well it works. Just making sure, is nested virt enabled on your host machine?


However in my case, since my host and guest architecture are different I cannot use KVM on QEMU and therefore cannot use it within the container. Is there a way to disable the KVM option? If yes, can you guide me a little to understand how this can be done.

I believe access to /dev/kvm is necessary in order to build images, for example see https://github.com/coreos/coreos-assembler/blob/master/src/cmdlib.sh#L392 which is invoked during image build https://github.com/coreos/coreos-assembler/blob/master/src/cmd-buildextend-metal#L175

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