Hi SMEs,

Iv'e been using Fedora CoreOS (FCOS) and I had some questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Q: Is there a way to pass FCOS an ignition file while it's running for the next reboot? Or do you need to externally kill the machine and pass the .ign file again through the firmware?

Q: Can you see the ignition file while the machine is running that was passed during startup? Is it unmounted somewhere or in the initramfs.img file?

Q: It looks like I can turn on automatic updates on FCOS by editing /etc/rpm-ostreed.conf. Will that make my machine auto-reboot? When?

Q: How do rpm-ostree and ignition work together? Does rpm-ostree pull down ostree updates on some sort of cronjob type schedule? Are the updates in an OCI image (oscontainer)? Where is the image unpacked? How does ignition know which image to use when it starts the machine?


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