2018-02-15 10:52 GMT+01:00 Radka Janekova <radka.janek@redhat.com>:
> improve the status of local Fedora communities.

I'm not talking about physical "IRL" "local" communities, I'm not talking about anything related to ambassadors at all. I'm talking about worldwide online communities that nobody ever mentioned anywhere, and every time I tried to, I've been met with incredible resistance, hence why I took a year to slowly build something solid before trying to propose anything again.


Well, I didn't speak about ambassadors only, but I said outreach. Why do you say ambassadors? AFAIK we have much more local Fedora web communities than physical communities. Before we consider "worldwide online communities" (not sure which kind of Fedora related communities you are thinking about) we should give our Fedora communities a better status or place where they can help and unify Fedora users we otherwise probably never reach.

PS: can we avoid top posting? It's hard to get the correct context.


Robert Mayr