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On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 11:14 AM, Matthew Miller

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> Okay, I'm back from being sick, and although I have a very disturbing

> unstoppable death-cough, no one will notice on IRC. I didn't, however,

> _prepare_. Do we want to go ahead with the meeting in an open-floor

> kind of format (probably with Friendliness as a topic), or do you

> prefer to wait for me to get my act together?

I'm fine with either.

While we're discussing agendas, I was wondering if we could do another

modularity update soon-ish.  There was a great email this morning with

some short animations that reminded me we haven't done this at the

Council level recently.

Funny, I had the same thought but I am not sure what triggered it. However, I was thinking more broadly on the objectives in general.

Rather than focus on the entire Modularity Objective, which is very

broad, perhaps we could be a bit more focused.  Getting an update on

Base Runtime might be really beneficial in terms of what's going on

there and the plans around the "core" module going forward.

Petr Sabata and Stephen Gallagher would be the best people to present this, I have cc'd them just to check on avail. I would also propose that we use a small portion of the time to give an update on status/next steps for modularity at large as well.


Maybe we could line that up for Oct 24?



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