The "same-as" numbers were already in our stars for this year, because we are actually seeing the results of the "same-as" process that we've always had. The new process officially started Q1FY17. If we wanted to make the case for growth in this cycle, that is something that needed to happen by the end of Q3FY16.

For clarity, while this year's budget numbers are not yet officially official (despite it being six weeks into the fiscal year, and those of you who have been around a long time know this is normal), this year's budget process did start somewhat earlier. The requests from Red Hat departments were due in October of last year. Please do not shoot the messenger over how odd this timeline is. But that's what it is. So if you want a bigger budget in FY18, you've got between now and October--that's now roughly five months--to show major change. And FWIW, it is also not only Fedora that has seen less budget than it would like this year. It is a lean year all around.