This approach smacks of preparation for political activism not related to the distribution.  I would expect people to leave in large numbers if this is approved.  Most of your contributors and userbase do not support radicalization and polarization by smaller groups in influential positions.  Abort, abort, abort.

On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 6:29 PM Ben Cotton <> wrote:
In response to ticket #299, the Fedora Council is considering the
following policy addition:

The Fedora Council may choose to withdraw Fedora's support from events
or other activities that involve fiscal sponsorship or use of Fedora
trademarks when it determines that participation is not in the
interests of the Fedora Project. Decisions to withdraw support will be
published in venues normally used for Council decisions. Deliberation
and reasoning for the decision should be public to the extent
possible. The Council will engage with the committee/group/team that
is involved with the event in question to ensure their input is

Reasoning behind the wording can be found on the Community Blog:

This is open for community comment for two weeks, after which the
Council will vote on the proposal.

Ben Cotton
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