Have you consider that probably a solution is not to create more resources but to simplify the ones that are currently available? 

El vie., 3 abr. 2020 a las 18:27, Justin W. Flory (<jflory7@gmail.com>) escribió:
On 4/3/20 3:26 PM, Ben Cotton wrote:
> You're right that we intentionally keep announce very low traffic. Too
> low? Maybe. There may come a point when people unsubscribe, at which
> point we lose the value of using the list.

I wonder what the value of that list is today as it is currently used
(or not). :) I am already subscribed to the mailing lists I want to be
subscribed to. Please don't make me subscribe to another one to keep up
with news I want to know.

> I think we should come up
> with some intentional guidelines, if for no other reason than to
> indicate to the community that "yes, your message qualifies".

Valid. Otherwise I might come asking someone to approve my announcement
email for the latest release of the Llama Farmer Fedora remix. :)

Have a nice weekend folks!

Justin W. Flory (he/him)

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