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From: Matthew Miller
Date:12/03/2014 11:32 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: Discussions with the Fedora Council and community
Subject: Fedora 12-month objective proposal: Fedora Flavors Phase 2

A little while ago, I posted about Project objectives, and a framework which
I hope shows what we need and why we need it. (If you missed it, see

Selecting a few key objectives and identifying and empowering Objective
Leads for each is one of the new Fedora Council's chief responsibilities.
(Again, if you missed it, see <>.)
Since the initial members of the council are now in place, let's start
talking about the first of these.

This is definitely not something we want to rush into, so my first
suggestion is a continuation of work already in place -- the "Three Fedoras"
idea we launched at and after Flock in Charleston a year and a half ago,
which we have in early form in the imminent Fedora 21 release.

Specifically, something like:

Objective: Fedora Flavors, Second Phase.


* Take the initial Server/Workstation/Cloud split from Fedora 21 from an
  experiment into solid production. Increase autonomy from FESCo and
  improve targetted outreach.

Expected Impact:

* Increased user base and user satisfaction in targetted areas. Increased
  contributor community around the targets. Increased ability to adapt to
  future or expanded targets as needed.


* Although we expect the "Fedora flavors" concept to be ongoing, this
  "second phase" is targetted for the F22 and F23 releases, making it
  an approximately 12-month objective. That way, this council objective
  lead slot will be open shortly after Flock 2015.


- Coordinate Working Groups' development of updated PRDs and changes and
  features for each release.

- Work with FESCo and Fedora Program Manager to develop process whereby
  flavor-specific Changes are handled primarily at the WG level.

- Work with Outreach (marketing, ambassadors, etc.) to identify and plan
  representation at new conferences specific to the various target

- Plan, coordinate, and schedule release engineering and infrastructure
  changes in advance of the F22 and F23 alpha releases.

- Lay groundwork for possible different release cycles and lifespans.

- Tooling and infrastructure for spins and remixes to increase
  differentiation. # _Note: perhaps this is big enough to be an independent
  objective of its own, along with better promotion for spins._

- Work with Council and community to develop concrete process for expansion
  (or possible contraction) of Fedora flavors as identified needs change,
  working from the product definition previously approved by the Board


- PRDs updated. Changes filed, changes accepted, changes completed.

- Conference reports; user data from those conferences.

- User and contributor surveys? Other user and contributor measures?


This is suggested as a draft — we can work out the details. It also can
serve as a template for future objective proposals.

What do you think?

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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