So the big difference between filtering email lists into folders that you poll vs reading them in your inbox "timeline" / firehose, is that you have 100% control over that and can change it to your prefs over time. That's very different than this proposal where the control is external to each individual and not changeable over time as needs change.

I am subscribed to a substantial number of email lists:

- The ones I follow most closely, 4-5 of them, go straight to inbox.

- The ones I dont follow closely, for lists that are on HK, I honestly just use HK no mail delivery. It's occasional.

- The non HK lists I dont follow closely get foldered or delivered to a lower priority email acct.

- I also get pagure emails for multiple projects and struggle to manage that (as prev mentioned Id like some delivered to one email and some another and I have no control over that.)

As I roll off projects / change priorities, I can redirect messages to inbox / turn on email delivery or redirect them to a folder.

The problem with migrating some MLs to discourse and some not, is any given participant on the spectrum of highly involved <=> following from afar has to engage w the list on a poll basis and they have no option to follow exclusively via email. This breaks personal workflows with other Fedora lists that are ML based, and could break their entire personal workflow depending on how much they use their email inbox as a "timeline".

How do we make a hubs lite happen? We so desperately need it.

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